Noah Cyrus for Vevo UK

While in London on Noah's "No Tour, Tour", we stopped by a studio to film three videos for VEVO. The format was very cool. One camera, no cuts, from front to back. We arrived and got set up and I helped the engineer there set up, mic up the drum kit, and get everything ran so we could multi-track record the shoot. He brought out some microphones I hadn't found an opportunity to use yet but subsequently really liked. For drum overheads he brought a pair of SE VR1 Ribbon Microphones. I now need to buy a pair for touring and for the studio. They just sounded amazing and picked up every detail with clarity and precision. For Hi Hat he brought an Aston Stealth Microphone. It sounded pristine and crisp. Absolutely perfect for that application. The shoot went great and then we rushed over to the venue to set up for the show that evening. a few days later once arriving home, I was sent the session and mixed the three songs. Then we sent back the tracks to Vevo to lay over the video. Everyone was very happy with the results, it's always great to see a mix released in a different way. Below are the links to each of the videos.

Noah Cyrus - Lonely for VEVO

Noah Cyrus - July for VEVO

Noah Cyrus - I Got So High That I Saw Jesus for VEVO


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