Mixing Cult of Personality Cover

Two very near and dear friends Max Bernstein and Neal Daniels had been discussing wanting to learn a cover song together. And due to the isolation of COVID-19, musicians and engineers have been spending a lot of time and money being able to record, mix, etc. at home. In that spirit, Neal just put together a home studio to record his drums and is very excited to track his drums there. So they chose a cover of Cult of Personality by Living Color. They had asked me if I would mix it for them and I was very eager to do so. Also appearing on this song are bass player Cory Tramontelli and singer Troi Irons.

Everybody was able to record their own parts at home and send everything to Max to prepare to send to me for mixing. I sent the mix a couple of times to Max and Neal for review and they were happy with the results. Max then took that mix and added it to a video he edited. It's definitely a politically driven video that goes perfectly with this song and subsequently the times we're living in now. 

Watch the video here.

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