Noah Cyrus - FOH Touring

For several years now I've had the pleasure of mixing live shows for Noah Cyrus, and have enjoyed every part of working on her music. From her crew, to her sound and even the types of shows she plays, it's always awesome to be on this gig.

When she first started playing shows I was contacted to go and mix her at Wango Tango in 2016 which is a big pop festival in LA. She performed on the stage out in the parking lot as a warm up and followed that up with a performance on the main stage. She absolutely crushed it. The audience loved her. She has such a powerful voice, and was seriously born with star power. Throughout these several years of doing shows with her and touring with her, she has grown into a true artist and great singer. It's been a great pleasure to be there to watch her grow and develop.

Last November we played the Corona Capital Festival in Mexico City which was her first show in Latin America. It was honestly hard to mix over the volume of her fans singing the lyrics back to her. I hope we go back soon to reprise that performance at one of her own shows. Then we just did a series of shows earlier this year including the Red Fest DXB in Dubai. Her single had topped the charts there that week so the fans were rabid for her. All in we played three shows comprising her "No Tour, Tour". From Dubai we flew to London. The show was at the O2 Academy Islington and that was probably the best show I've ever done with her. The energy in that venue was almost too much for the building to handle. While we were in London we filmed a performance of three songs for Vevo that I had the pleasure of mixing in post. We then went to NY and played the Bowery Ballroom and the following week at the Roxy in LA. She has a very strong fan base who came out in droves to all of these shows to hear her and were mesmerized by each of those performances. She has just released an EP called End of Everything that showcases her very strong songwriting abilities and her amazing voice. 

Noah Cyrus - Lonely at Corona Capital


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