DNCE - Touring and Mixing FOH

I got a call in September 2015 from a production contact acquaintance that there was a new project ramping up and they were going to need someone to mix a week long series of showcases in NY. I was on a plane the next day. We loaded in to the basement of a restaurant on 14th St. in Manhattan where I met the tour manager Dan Lipski. We loaded in down a flight of stairs and set up all day for the subsequent rehearsals and showcases. The band rehearsed that day which gave me a great opportunity to become very acquainted with all of the songs. Then every following day, twice a day they loaded crowds into this tiny space to watch this spectacle. There was everyone from radio station contest winners all the way up to music industry elite as well as a few celebrities. The energy was high. They came out guns blazing and really blew people out of the water. Then once this wrapped flew to Las Vegas to play at an after party for the iHeart Festival. It was show after show after that. We immediately went to play The Tonight Show for their television debut.

October was full of showcases, shows, promo, and more tv performances including Good Morning America.

Then November we started rehearsals for their first tour. It was a club tour and they really wanted to pack them in. It was totally sold out as the hype surrounding the band was huge. We all crammed in the bus, band and crew and went on a four week run through North America. We then followed that up with two shows in Central America with Pitbull which I could almost write an entire blog about on its own. We didn't even get a chance to stop at home before we jumped on the iHeart Jingle Ball tour and New Years Rockin' Eve to finish the year.

Five days at home and we were back at it again. From Las Vegas to Toronto, Park City to New York, we just didn't stop and neither did the demand. We went to Europe, the Bahamas, Barbados, back to the US for more shows and TV performances including Jimmy Kimmel LiveThen we immediately went and spent the summer supporting Selena Gomez across North America. Then we continued that tour to Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. Then we continued with a series of shows leading up to the EMA's in Rotterdam, Netherlands. We went non stop to the end of the year with another trip to Japan then back to London again but this time to perform on the Top of the Pops and the Royal Family TV Special. Then back for round two of the iHeart Jingle Ball followed by the Orange Bowl Halftime Show and the New Years Rockin' Eve again but this time from Times Square in New York to close out the year.

For 2017 it was a continuation of shows and tours including a North America tour, MTV's Isle of Malta, various festivals around the world and a full Asia tour the supporting Bruno Mars in South America.

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