ICONIC, was an original music collaboration by the CW hosted by Jordin Sparks and featuring TLC as the ICONIC artist of the evening. The goal of the show was to have several other artists perform and record a cover and present it to Tionne and Chili, then, they would choose one of the artists and perform that song with them. They chose LOCASH and would perform the song Unpretty. More on the event from a press release by iHeartMedia here.

I was brought in to clean up the mix before broadcast. The LOCASH producer added a country flavor to the TLC band performance as well as their vocal tracks. After working for TLC much of last year, it was fun to mix a spin on a song I've become accustom to hearing a certain way. To have this producer add banjo, slide guitar, acoustic guitar and some other elements changed the entire sonic landscape of the song in a very pleasing way.

Here's a link to the full performance of Unpretty

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