Mixing Monitors for Normani on the 2019 Jingle Ball Tour

Fifth Harmony was a force to be reckoned with. They had several hit songs and performed for their adoring fans all over the world. As is the case with many groups like this, the time comes for one or more of the artists to branch out and find their own path. Normani did just that. I had the pleasure of being asked to join her on the 2019 Jingle Ball tour. We played Tampa, San Jose, Los Angeles, and Chicago. I was tasked with mixing monitors for her and her band. We had a few days of rehearsal in Los Angeles then flew out to Tampa for the first of these shows.  

I was provided with Digico consoles at each shows. This console is my go to console right now. It does everything and more. It has a neutral sound but with new features in their Quantum Engine and Software, it gives the user many more tools to affect, color, and enhance the sound. They have added a feature called Mustard to their dynamics section on every channel, group, and aux with Vintage VCA, FET, and Optical compressor options to cover almost every need. They have even added a new EQ section that had a more musical shape to it than their original neutral sounding eq. 

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