Mixing Monitors for Grimes

It was Grammy Season in January 2014 and LA was packed with shows all over the city as usual for that particular week. I got a call from a tour manager who expressed that she needed a monitor mixer for a one off gig at the House of Blues in West Hollywood for her client. I hadn't heard of Grimes before this but would soon realize who she was and her relevance in the industry. It was expressed how important this show was for her. I showed up for a day of rehearsal and met everybody in management and the crew. The following day we loaded in at the House of Blues in West Hollywood and had a nice soundcheck so everyone could get comfortable. It was Grammy's week, and everyone was excited to see all of the performances all over town. This one in particular. As I was mixing monitors, I was able to see out into the crowd and couldn't believe the amount of heavy hitters and celebrities who were there to watch the show. 

Several weeks later I was asked to do some more shows including a headlining show in Burlington, VT and in NY for The Governors Ball

We would follow that up with 3 shows in Pemberton, BC, Toronto, ON, and Chicago, IL. Pemberton was perhaps the most beautiful places I've ever done a show. We flew in to Vancouver and the next morning drove two and a half hours up past Whistler to the festival grounds. It was nice to get up there early in the morning to set up then have the bulk of the day to hang out and enjoy the scenery. They even had a zipline that I enjoyed. We did the show and as we were packing up to leave, caught a brief moment of the NIИ set before rushing back to Vancouver to catch a redeye flight to Toronto to set up that next morning for the Time FestivalThat was maybe one of the rainiest festivals I can remember and at one point in the show, I had to run out onto stage to remove some things that were thrown on stage and subsequently slipped and fell. I think I startled Claire in the process and when I hit the deck, she screamed my name into the mic of course out of concern which just added to my embarrassment. In hindsight I just laugh about the whole situation. We then flew to Chicago the next morning and went straight to the festival site once again to set up and do the show. The Pitchfork Festival is a long running festival and something I had heard about from my friends there so I was excited to be there for it. We then went on to do the FYF Festival in Los Angeles followed by the Made In America Festival in Philadelphia, PA to finish of the year.

In May 2015 we met back up for a few days of rehearsals prior to heading out to open for Lana Del Rey. The following week we flew to Indianapolis to start that run. Grimes on the same bill with Lana Del Rey seemed to make a lot of sense. This was the second half of Lana's tour after having Courtney Love open the first half. The audience loved Grimes and it was good exposure for sure.



Grimes @ Hard Rock Cafe Makati 2013.03.14

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