Mixing LP for YouTube Live Sessions

On the last day of rehearsals before embarking on the North American leg of the world tour, we loaded in to the YouTube Space down in Playa Vista. We set up all of the equipment we would take out on the tour and crammed it in to a tiny sound stage. The following morning we came in with the band and LP and did a sound check and the camera crew did their camera blocking and adjusted all of the lighting accordingly. 

We did about three takes of each song and recorded each one. The timing on this became advantageous as we played the first show of the tour the next day and as we were loading in for the second show in Oakland, we canceled that show due to illness. We then canceled the subsequent 5 shows so that gave me some time in hotel rooms to mix these songs in post. I've created a nice little portable mixing rig that I carry with me for this type of occasion including my Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo, two Universal Audio Quad Satellites, a pair of Genelec 8010 monitors, and a PreSonus Faderport. With all of this I carry with me a fairly powerful set up to do some of this mix work while I'm on the road.

Girls Go Wild

When I'm Over You


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