Mixing Hollywood Undead

In 2008 I was working in corporate America and about the time that the economy took a dive, one of my colleagues had been offered a tour. For about a year or so working together we had many discussions about touring, the road, and friends in common so when this opportunity came up, he asked me to join him. This was excellent timing because I had found out that week that my job was being eliminated so it seemed like an opportunity to leave an environment I was unhappy with anyways to pursue something I started several years prior and abandoned to write and produce music again but this time in Los Angeles. 

The band had rehearsal for about a week prior to leaving. They were still pretty new on the scene but receiving a lot of attention. Every show was sold out and they had a strong following after they blew up on Myspace when it was huge. It was exciting to be out on a tour that had so much attention and eager fans. It made it fun to mix because the energy was very high. We covered a lot of ground prior to closing out 2008. 

We toured fairly non stop in 2009 all over North America with three trips to Europe including Download Festival, Pink Pop, Rock Am Ring, and Rock Im Park as well as my first trip to Japan for Summer Sonic, another North America run that included the recording of a live record, then one final Europe run to close out the year.


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