Macklemore - FOH Touring

In early 2018 a colleague mine had just started working for Macklemore and informed me that he would be busy all year on the gig. I had inquired if the Front of House position was available and it just so happened that it was becoming available very soon. So a couple of weeks later and after some emailing and discussions, I was on a plane to Manchester England to start rehearsals and the tour. We played several shows in the UK including Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham, and London and then a couple in Dublin Ireland before heading to mainland Europe to go all around there. We had audio provided by Eighth Day Sound out of their UK office and we had a couple of great techs (Ben and David) come out to assist with everything. We had a D&B J Series PA system configured with Array Processing which sounded amazing. I mixed the show on a Digico SD10 console with Waves Soundgrid Server Extreme

These shows were great. The crowds went wild. They recited every lyric along with Ben (Macklemore). It was a very engaging show with lots of energy being given in both directions. It was imperative that the vocal was clear and understood while maintaining the entire dynamic range given and the entire mix needed to be loud and clear to overcome the volume being given by the audience night after night.

A month later we joined Kesha on a co-headlining tour of North America that summer. Again Eighth Day Sound was the provider but this time we had an Adamson E15 system. This tour we had a Digico SD5 that Kesha's FOH and I shared.

We hit all of the major markets and the amphitheaters therein. There were a couple of very memorable venues from that tour, like the Austin 360 Amphitheatre. It's situated in the middle of a race track and backstage there is a huge tower, and we were allowed to take an elevator to the top. The view from up there was amazing and you could see for miles. It was a nice covered and windy place to cool off on that hot day. A couple of weeks into the tour we left from Kansas City to fly to Europe for about 10 days to play a few festivals from Prague to Bordeaux, France, Rome Italy and a few other places in France before picking back up in St. Louis to continue on with the tour. The shows were again very high energy but spanned such a broader range of people due to Keshas fan base and Macklemores fan base coming together in one place. 

Once that tour concluded we went back to Europe to play some more festivals in Switzerland, Cannes France, Austria and Finland then back to Paris to finish it off. This was possibly my favorite show with Macklemore as the French even after a month were somehow still celebrating their World Cup win. 

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