DNCE in Times Square, New Years Eve

DNCE in 2016 had a huge year. Their single Cake by the Ocean exploded all over the world. It only made sense that they would be chosen to perform in New York's Times Square on New Years Eve. The musical director put together a two song medley of their second single Body Moves that would lead into Cake by the Ocean.

We flew to New York to get ready for the performance and had an early morning soundcheck and camera blocking which gave the band an opportunity to be on the stage and feel out the space. We were able to put together the mix quickly in the truck and the band and management were very happy with the results. We then had the rest of the day off and would return that evening to perform.

The performance brought high energy for the audience who had been standing there from the early hours of the morning. Then it was time to wait for the ball to drop. The band was up on the stage with Carson Daly while the rest of us stood down on the street in anticipation waiting for this moment. It was my first time there to see this and was definitely one for the books.


Watch performance here.



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